Flexible tree saddle: Kuda Leather Flex tree Saddles. UK and Europe

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Kuda Leather-Flex Tree Saddles

Rancho Pavo Real is a UK and European agent for KUDA LEATHER-FLEX TREE SADDLES for gaited and sport horses. This exclusive design was developed after many years of research to find the most suitable saddle for gaited and sport horses, one that allows the best communication between horse and rider.

Premier Flex Saddle

Premier Flex saddle with Leather-flex tree

Premier Flex 2 Saddle

Premier Flex 2 saddle with Leather-flex tree

Endurance Saddle

Endurance leather-flex saddle

Kuda Saddle Pads - Endurance, cushion and correction pads

Kuda Cushion and Correction Saddle Pads - 2013 Paso Fino Horse Calendar